Don’t you just love it!!

I love it! I can feel it in my bones, it shakes my body! I love it! I can see it on your face too! I love it! I can hear it in my voice! I love it! Can’t we stay like this forever?
I’m so happy and then your so happy and we’re all so happy being so happy! Why can’t it last? Why does it have to go? I guess if we’re so happy all the time then we never get to feel the sense of joy. We’ve been waiting such a long time but now it’s here! It takes its time but lord when I’m happy im so happy!
I’d love to feel this good more often but the smallest things can change my mood so quickly. Happiness felt so easy before, I’m a happy person or at least I thought I was. I wanna be that happy again! Everything seems meh at the moment, hardly anything gives me the goosebumps or paints a big grin upon my face. It seems to take a lot more. Maybe it’s the people I’m around, they don’t wanna do the things I do, they’re too busy or too broke, yes I’m the same but I crave it. I crave having the small things that made me smile not long ago, people say look to the future but everything felt so good before!
I’m not sad, definetly not! Im just waiting, waiting to have that burst again, to experience new things to find friends that excite me and wanna be adventurous. I’m not sad, im bored. I’m ready to be spontaneous! I’m ready for the random day outs and the wandering of unknown places. If right now I have to do this alone then that’s the way it must be, I dont wanna be bored for any longer! Time to whip out the bucket list and get cracking! Time to focus on me!


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