Consoling strangers

After tragic events happening all over the world and now in my own city it really puts things into perspective. All the divides in our personal lives, the divides in our working lives and the divides in society as a whole sometimes make us forget that we’re all the same. Yes we have our unique differences but at the end of the day we are all human.

Living in Manchester all my life and being faced with such devastation on my doorstep really makes me appreciate all that I have around me. Before I walked the streets of the city taking everything for granted, from the beautiful buildings to the cobbles on the floor I had no care in the world as I ran my errands around town. But today was different. Every step I took I saw an amazing city that I’d never really noticed properly before. You could feel the impact that this horrible event had on everyone around.

The whole city is in mourning… In mourning for the precious, innocent lives that have been lost. But each somber step I took I looked up to see a tight knit community. From the quick trip to Tesco to buy some flowers I saw lines and lines of people doing the same and as I walked the cobbled streets to the memorial I was greeted by comforting and consoling faces of strangers. The city is broken but we are broken together.

Manchester is brave, it is fierce and this week shows it is not afraid. Not afraid to leave their homes, not afraid to turn out in thousands to pay respects, not afraid to go on with their daily lives, not afraid to stand together.


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