Recreating moments

Do you ever find yourself wanting to turn back time? Go back to the moments that you were at your happiest, the times that made you forget everything but made the memories that you’ll never forget. It’s a strange feeling when you actually think about it.. missing a moment. People say don’t live in the past, look to the future and leave what you’ve done behind but it’s the past that makes the future.

Let’s just think about it for a second, if we were to forget the past along with its emotions how would we ever know what happiness feels like? How would we know what makes us happy? How would we make decisions if not based upon what we truly want? If we were to forget the past and leave it behind how would we learn? Grow? Be content? 

I try to remember everything, why should we chuck away the things we’ve done good or bad?! Pictures, videos, tickets, scraps of paper, books and letters.. They all mean something.Yes, there are things I wish I hadn’t done but do I regret them? Not really. Nothing has happened yet to ruin my life, I’m still going, still growing, still showing the world I can take anything it throws at me.

I’d love to go back and I sometimes do try to recreate those amazing moments but it seems that it never works out. Things are changing constantly, people are changing constantly and I guess we’ve just got to look back and smile but also look ahead and take in what’s coming!


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