It feels so good to feel good!

Having a good day is the best, when you wake up feeling like it’s another average day and go to sleep with the biggest smile on your face. The days when there seems to be a sense of comfort surrounding you. The days when no matter what happened nothing can wipe the smile off your face, those are the days to live for.

And it’s true what they say, positive energy is infectious! If you’re feeling good 9 times out of 10 the people around you will feel good too and that way it’s more likely to last. Although it’s easier said than done (like most things) it really makes a difference to the way you feel and the things you accomplish, being in a good mood makes me more motivated, gives me an urge to keep going and puts a “spring in my step”.

Even though we’d all like every day to be a good day we know realistically that’s not going to happen. If everyday was a good day then the good days would get boring and would no longer be the days that we love. Bring on more good days 2017, we need them!


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