Change is something that we all experienced every day. Some changes we hardly notice but others we see the effect as soon as they happen, but is that a reason to fear change? Is that a reason to stick to our daily routine and do nothing else? Is that a reason to say no to a lot of opportunities because you’re scared of the outcome?

Yes, change can be scary but it can also lead to some of the best times in life. Whether it be changing the type of cereal you eat in the morning or changing the place that you live, all change is good change. Change shows you’ve moved on, taken a step away from your old self to build someone better and jumped into a world of unknown.

The hardest type of change is changing yourself. Yes the cereal brand you eat and the place you live all make up who you are but the real and most difficult change begins when you look inside. When you realise this isn’t how you want the world to see you. When you realise that the things that you’re doing are bringing you down and not building you up higher. When the people around you are telling you that you need to change, that’s when the real change kicks in.

But how do you change something you’ve held onto for so long? Something that your whole life has consisted of? How do you fix the little chips in your personality? The things that make you a little harder to put up with, the things that make people turn around and walk away, the things that struggled with your whole life, are those things that need to change or are they the things that make you who you are?


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