I just want to cry!!

Do you ever have those moments where you just feel really low? Like nothing has happened to make you feel this way but all of a sudden you feel really crap. It’s funny how body’s work. Is it hormones or is it a built up of emotions? It seems to happen when a lot of things have been going on. When things have been on my mind, when I’ve been thinking about things I can’t control and especially when I think about what’s to come my emotions whirl out of control and I end up feeling really shitty.

Its hard to explain… Sometimes it can last hours, sometimes it can last minutes but either way it’s a struggle. Most of the time I just find myself wanting to cry. Cry and get everything that’s been bothering me out. Cry so that all the bad thoughts go away and stop stressing me out and to be honest most of the time it helps. It feels good to just let go, to not hold it in anymore, to just take a minute and think about how I’m feeling.

The good thing is that it doesn’t take much to get me out of the phase. A good hug is the perfect remedy to my dip of emotions. It helps it really does. Although these phases make me look like an emotional wreck, I can’t help it. At least it shows that I’ve got a heart and proves that I’m a human being.

My question is why is crying seen as a weakness? Quite frankly I respect a person a lot more if they can cry in front of me. Some boys especially are scared to show any emotion but if they were to blubber in front of me I would look at them with the upmost compassion and admiration. Although maybe that’s the reason, they don’t want sympathy and especially not from a girl because they feel that they should be doing the comforting and not the other way round. 

We are all human ( or at least I think so), it’s normal, let’s stop being so ashamed to show emotion!



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