Holding it together

How do you hold it together? Someone tell me please! How do you keep calm when 107 things are going around in your mind that are stressing you out. There is just so much to think about. The things you’ve forgotten to do, the things that you’ve still got to do, the things that you planned to do that aren’t going to get done all on top of the everyday things that you have to do in order to be a fully functioning human being!! There are ways to stay calm but then again its just more to think about, we just can’t win!

Taking time out can be useful. Even though there’s so much to do its good to think about everything that needs to get done. I find lists helpful sometimes, writing everything down in a place that i can see them so I dont have to keep track of everything in my brain. But there are other times that lists can add to the stress especially when you see how much there is to do. Some people say dont worry about it, just take time and get done as much as you can but where do you start? Do you start with the smaller tasks so you can spend more time on the bigger ones? Or do you prioritise by time scale and do the things by deadline?

I guess there’s no right way, its subjective. This year, the year of 2017 I aim to get better at “holding it together”, to become less stressed out and get more things done instead of putting them off. I vouch to make more lists, find my relaxation/calming methods and get my life back on track.


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