Don’t listen to them

Don’t listen to them, social media is great. So many of the older generations criticise us for using social media platforms but there are so many good things to! Yes you could call it excessive, yes you could call us obsessive but in my eyes we are just progressive. Progressive in the way that we are adapting to changes in technology and society, progressive in the way that we are finding external tools to make ourselves better and progressive in the way that we can make connections to help us well…Progress. 

It’s one of the most annoying things when my parents say “You’re always on your phone” when literally 2 minutes ago they were checking Facebook! Hypocrites everywhere! They’re quick to judge, all they see is us staring at our screens and suddenly come to the conclusion that our generation is doomed, that no one knows how to have a conversation anymore and that technology has ruined everything for everyone. But it hasn’t, it’s helped, lives are better, friendships are stronger and there’s hardly anytime when you feel completely alone and can’t talk to anyone, there’s always another person staring at their screens too.

In all honesty I think they’re jealous, yes they spent their childhood outside doing things like throwing sticks (fun!) and climbing trees (eww) but they didn’t get the chance to stay in touch with their closest friends. The other day I watched my mother tirelessly search facebook looking for her old uni friends and after at least 20 minutes of trying she gave up but I won’t have that issue. 

I joined the social network in high school, added all my friends and now I’m in college with hundreds of more to adopt on the site. Even with a year of college and more friends I’m still in touch with my high school “crew”, yes that might change in the future but at least I know that with a click of a button they’re always there.

So social networks aren’t that bad, neither are phones. We are just moving with the technology of our generation and everyone should just accept it to be honest.



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