Caring too much 

Caring is nice, being cared for is nice but when you get to the point where you care so much that your heart sinks when something happens or is said and your whole mood changes because of one person then you know you care too much or at least I do. It may not be a bad thing, the world needs more loving people but it sure is draining.

The worst of it is that you can’t stop caring all of a sudden either, I can’t wake up tomorrow and say I don’t care anymore because I will and maybe that’s the problem. Caring could be the reason I worry so much, it could be the reason I’m so stressed, it could be the reason I struggle to do anything without consulting other people or it could have nothing to do with it at all.

I care about people around me, I care about simple things like if they have ate, I care if they are happy, I care about their future’s but is it always reciprocated?..Probably not. I care about other people opinions of me, I want people to see me as approachable, I want people to see me as kind, I want people to know I care, but do they?..Probably not.

In hindsight it’s stupid , why should I care? Well I shouldn’t, not so much anyway but it’s just a habit. Caring too much can also lead to a rollercoaster of unnecessary emotions of events that don’t even concern you. I should know I go through them nearly every day! Feeling bad because another person has been hurt or excited because your friend had done something amazing. This may seem normal but it sure doesn’t feel it because it’s not just a bad feeling it’s a physical pain in your chest if something bad happens to someone you care about or the excitement isn’t in a small fraction either it’s wanting to jump in happiness for the other person.

Either way I can’t help it. It maybe a good thing, it maybe a bad thing but it’s me. I care too much.


2 thoughts on “Caring too much 

  1. Natasha Bolger says:

    I think you’re right, it isn’t always returned, but at least you know how much of a caring person you are! ♥

    And I enjoyed reading this post. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts 🙂


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