Important people 

We all have important people, people that without them in our lives we’d be lost. Whether it be family or friends, all that really counts is that they’re there and sometimes we do stupid things. So stupid that it threatens the longevity of those relationships. We know it’s not intentional but that doesn’t make it ok, in the end nothing does. Yes of course some might say if the relationship was that strong then you’d get through it but what happens when it’s just too much?? It’s crazy how one little thing can destroy so much, go from best friends to acting like strangers, forgetting all the fun because in those moments all that can be remembered is negativity.

It frightens me to think that my best friend won’t be there one day, he’ll give up with putting up with my crap and I’ll lose him forever. When you’re that close to a person the future scares you and the thought of not having them to complain to or cry to or even speak to makes you wanna lock yourself in a room and hide.It’s a struggle and a blessing to care so much. There’s a reason why you’ve invested so much time into this friendship, there’s a reason why you talk nearly every single minute of the day, there’s a reason why other people look at you both strangely and that’s because they were there when it mattered. 

I guess you have to talk through things, don’t brush it off like it doesn’t matter because one day it will all come out and in the heat of the moment words can be a destructive weapon. I know it’s easier said than done but we all have to learn to stay within our limits. Don’t push people too far, even your best friend because they will leave you one day and it’ll never be the same again.


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