Don’t lie to me

Everyone judges let’s be honest, it’s in our human nature. People can say “oh no I don’t judge” but seriously if you had the choice between a mushed up jaffa cake and one that’s perfectly intact then your obviously going to pick the one that looks good, even though they both taste exactly the same. It’s crazy how apperences shape the way people think of you, nobody ever takes a second to think about who the person actually is before coming to a conclusion on them and labelling them as a ‘Chav’ or a ‘Snob’ and all the other categorisations we have developed in society. I’m definitely not trying to make myself seem like the saint here, in reality I’m the worst one for it but it’s an interesting argument of society.

So some people say “you’ll find someone who won’t care how you look and will just love you for your personality” but in my eyes they’re trying to say you’re ugly as a bum and there’s a small possibility that you won’t end up alone..ish. I don’t think that’s true. How is anyone going to ever find out what my actual personality is like if they look at my face and want to vomit? It’s crazy! I’m not trying to say you should conform to society and make yourself look prettier for other people but the concept amazes me. The same people that have told you not to worry about how you look will be the ones judging others as they walk down the street! SO WHY ARE WE LYING?!! Why do we pretend that we are angels of the earth when we all do the exact same thing?!

In my opinion I believe everyone will find someone who’s attracted to them physically and their personality, not that if someone finds you ugly they might give it a shot anyway. That’s ludicrous!! You shouldn’t have to let someone grow on you and if you do then maybe it’s not them that you want.

Society sends out so many mixed messages most of us don’t know where to stand. With people saying “You’re perfect the way you are” and in the next breath ” A thigh gap makes you more attractive” my mind falls into a state of complete and utter confusion, who am I supposed to listen to? And sometimes even deciding upon this becomes another issue in its self.

Let’s start with family, family are people that you can trust the most, ones you are stuck with forever so they wouldn’t be afraid of offending you, right? You’d think so but no not necessarily. Sometimes I do get the subtle “let’s go to the gym” or “who are you dressing up for?”, but not a lot more than that. No one has said anything that would series offend me (yet) but maybe that’s just their opinion, they’ve got to love you as you are.

So okay not necessarily family, what about friends? Friends are the people you tell everything to and most likely judge people with, right? But would you ever get a friend that says “you look like shit in that dress” or “your eyeliner needs doing again” and seriously mean it? I have friends that say “I’d tell you if you looked bad” but would they really? I have friends where we call each other names like a “fat man” but is that seriously just a joke or are they trying to tell me, without offending me that I am becoming to look like a “fat man”?

The evolution of society puts these thoughts into our minds and we start beginning to lose our trust for everyone. If honesty really was the best policy and people stuck by that there would be no problem at all, but unfortunately that just isn’t the way the world works. We’ve just got to go on, day by day making ourselves look “presentable” in the hopes that nobody vomits in our faces and pray that one day we will be too content to care.



One thought on “Don’t lie to me

  1. JoeBlogs says:

    “You shouldn’t have to let someone grow on you and if you do then maybe it’s not them that you want.” – I don’t see anything wrong with attraction growing over time; this happens all over the world and is why people go on dates, fall for their friends, and so on.

    “Society sends out so many mixed messages most of us don’t know where to stand.” – Agreed. People pandering us, telling us what we want to hear doesn’t really do us any favors in the long run.

    If, for example, I’m overweight, then I’d rather someone that cared about me told me in a decent manner that they were concerned about my weight, rather than bullcrap platitudes.

    Problem is, we have feelings. A lot of them. We have our own triggers. I basically said this in my lastest post, but… we often don’t seem to be able to handle the truth.


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