10 Things I hate about you….

10 Things I hate about you! And no, before you ask this blog isn’t about the 1999 film staring Julie Stiles and Health Ledger where everything about the boy is pretty shit at the beginning but some how he’s magically perfect in the end because thats just it, it’s never perfect! Nothing is.

Life is full of ups and downs but its a rollercoaster we are all unwillingly sat upon and we’ve got to do our best to enjoy the ride as much as we can. Although right now I seem to be putting across to you that I’m a miserable dimwit and that this blog is going to be full of cliché phrases but I must admit life’s not always so bad. I try my best to think positive but now and again everyone deserves a little venting time however in my case that hardly ever happens. Even though sometimes I have a tendency to talk for a really, really long time without remembering to breathe, I don’t get many chances to speak my mind. Maybe its the impact of always being too shy and therefore its easy for the big talkers to take over and ram their ideas in before I can blink.

I am hoping this time will be different, I’m taking to the internet to share my thoughts, a place where I can say everything I want to without being interrupted or told I am wrong and unleash everything that’s bottled up inside, so join me in this therapeutic journey as  witter on about all the things that I love and hate about life.



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